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Why use an Insurance Broker?

  • Insurance Broker is an expert who saves the customers time, effort and money sourcing for insurance coverage.
  • When you select IIZI Firstbrokers as your insurance broker, you have chosen a reliable partner who takes care of all your business insurance matters.

Why choose IIZI Firstbrokers?

  • IIZI Firstbrokers takes care of its customers' business insurance matters from start to finish and is pro-active on client's needs.
  • We do risk assessment for our clients, analyze them and make an action plan for the appropriate insurance coverage.
  • We are aware of competition in the market and so we offer the right insurance solutions for the customer. The customer selects the insurance coverage, afterwhich we put the policy in place.

What is an Insurance Broker?

  • Insurance brokers are insurance intermediaries, acting as independent expert and represents client in insurance matters.
  • For Insurance Broker, the Client is always the Policyholder.
  • Ideally and depending on the capacity, a Broker should handle all lines of insurance
  • Insurance Broker must be licensed. All activities are regulated by law and subject to the financial and insurance supervisory authority (Financial Supervisory Authority).
  • The scale of Broker services is based on commission agreement and broker fees. The commissions & fee defines the broker's role.